Random thoughts on photography

Spring bookings

Now that it seems that Spring is finally arriving with some warmer weather and lots of rain to jump start all those flowers and nice green grass growing, it is time to think about getting some outside portraits booked.

We do location shooting, and all winter we have been relying on bringing our portable studio to the INDOOR location of your choice.   Now, with the nicer weather, it is time to think about doing some beautiful portraits outside with some great natural light and flowers, trees and/or grass for the backgrounds.  Or, we can even arrange a package that will contain a portion of your shoot outdoors and another portion indoors so you have the opportunity to change outfits and get some different looks to choose from.

Of course Pet Portraits are always nice to have outdoors as well.  We have created some wonderful images this year that were done in the comfort of our clients’ homes, but now we are beginning to book outdoor shoots as well.


Spring is not only the time for weddings;  It’s a great time to get that portrait done for a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion.

Give us a call at 905-409-3031 or contact us by email at john.lueck.photo@gmail.com to book your appointment today and avoid disappointment.

See you out there!!



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