Random thoughts on photography

Christmas is coming….

I just recently had a potential customer call and ask to set up an appointment to take photos of her family  that she could use for Christmas cards.  I unfortunately had to decline, as we only have about 4 weeks till Christmas.

I know this post, and word to the wise, is too late for those who still are thinking about getting photos done for Christmas, but for every season or holiday, one has to plan quite a bit in advance.

The advent of digital photography has given many folks the idea that photos are “instant” because we no longer have to take the film to the lab to be developed.  Then look at the proofs to decide on the images that we like and then take the negatives to the lab to be printed.

However, there still is processing, retouching and adjustments that need to be done  to many digital  photos in order to make them “print ready”.  And, we still have to send the files to the lab to have them printed.   This all takes time.

Not to mention the time that it will take you to put them in envelopes, address them and get them out to the mailbox so the postman can  get them delivered to your friends and family in time.

So, a word to the wise: if you are wanting photos done for Valentines Day or Easter, now is the time we should be talking about scheduling your photo session!

Have a great Holiday season everyone!  Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it.  Drive safely, drink responsibly and enjoy the holiday season and all the wonderful sentiments that it entails.



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