Random thoughts on photography

A Humbling Experience

The beautiful tack that was on Cactus, the horse that we met while at the farm

Today I was fortunate enough to be asked to photograph a friend and her horse for some publicity photos.  I wasn’t prepared for the experience I was to have.

I arrived at the facility north of Whitby, Ontario, a bedroom community outside of the Greater Toronto Area, and was immediately overwhelmed by the world-class establishment that has been provided for physically challenged people to be able to enjoy the experience of riding a horse.  Everything has been thought out very carefully to maximize the enjoyment of those with limited mobility.  Access has been planned so that everyone can participate, from washrooms, to stables to actually getting onto a horse so one can ride.

We had the privilege of being one of the few people in attendance this day, so it was easy to see everything and appreciate the beauty and thoughtfulness that was put into the facility.  The original building(s) and paddocks and stables were provided by Sandy Mitchell, a man born with cerebral palsy.  Determined not to let his illness get in his way, he worked the land and built the buildings and donated it all to charity.  Windreach Farm is a registered charity, receiving money from a number of organizations to keep it running and continue their good work.  I have nothing buy praise for this remarkable man who was so instrumental in providing a world class training ground for para-olympians, and people with disabilities.


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