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This is a great commentary and post on the movie. I hope that we can someday have the resources to help our suffering returning veterans and reduce the number who end up homeless or worse because of their trauma. Inno way am I intimating that all our veterans are irreparably damaged by war, but there are a large number who are, and don’t get the treatment they require.

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American Sniper

With the recent controversy surrounding this movie, I would like to say that those who criticize it for glorifying war are missing the point. The internal struggles represented in this movie are highly reflective of what many Veterans face in the transition to civilian life. Rather than taking this an an opportunity to criticize the war by demonizing those who fought in it, we should learn from the intimate perspective it offers into life in combat and the tragic consequences military service has on Veterans and their families. As Bradley Cooper stated: “’American Sniper’ is meant to be a character study, not a political statement on war.”

Despite this fact, I actually believe the movie is highly political, but not in the sense many are criticizing it for. Rather than a commentary on broader geopolitics, this movie has political implications in the sense that it demonstrates the nuanced reality…

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