Random thoughts on photography

About John Lueck

John Lueck has been a professional photographer since 1975, specializing in portraits, portfolios and pets.

He takes a very organic approach to his photography, capturing the essence of his subject in a natural and relaxed atmosphere

He once shared a studio with a well-known and very accomplished commercial photographer. While his colleague was photographing food and products, John continued to pursue his love of capturing the personalities of the models and actors that he was photographing.

He learned a lot from this “apprenticeship” of sorts and has continued to hone his skills through the years. During that time, John would also accept a select number of wedding celebrations to photograph each year, and enjoyed capturing the memories of those special days with his clients.

After a long hiatus from the photography business, John decided in late 2009 that he could not deny his creative side any longer and began to renew an active, although much reduced, career in photography. In conjunction with his partner Barb, he produced a number of images which were then integrated in specialty greeting cards.
He now has continued to expand his photography career to include portraits, portraits, pets and fashion photography. He continues to experiment and learn and find new ways to express his creativity with “film” and his camera.

John specializes in location photography and has a portable studio that he will bring to your home or to any location that you prefer. He will work with you, guide you and take your direction to get the images that you will treasure for life in the location that you prefer.

Phone: 905-409-3031 email: john.lueck.photo@gmail.com


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